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The data members and functions of a class is not accessible if their are being defined as private or protected. If you try to access its function right after you initialized the class object, the compiler will complaint about the error and that it cannot access the private or protected function. In some circumstances, you......

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This example will demonstrate how you can lock a file for writing on Windows. This is useful especially if your application involves of multiple process and each process will access to the same file simultaneously. The LockFile function locks the file for exclusive access by the calling process only.  Once it finish its writing process......

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The following steps will guide you through how you can connect to SQLite databases using C++. 1. Download and extract the following files into a single folder C:\SQLite. SQLite Source Code: SQLite DLL for Windows: SQLite Shell for Windows: 2. Let’s create a SQLite database named “test.db” with a single table named......

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