These tutorial aimed to provide a brief introduction to the basics of python programming. It will takes you through everything from downloading and installing to writing python program. The tutorial is oriented in a practical way, with working example programs in all sections to start practicing each lesson right away. By completing these tutorials, you will be able to understand the fundamentals of Python programming and able to write your own Python programs.

Basic Python Tutorials:

01. Introduction
02. Installing Python
03. Setting PATH environment variables
04. Using Interactive Python Interpreter
05. Saving and Executing
06. Variables
07. Statements & Expressions
08. Operators
09. Getting User Input
10. Condition Statements
11. While Loops
12. For Loops
13. Break The Loops
14. Lists
15. Tuples
16. Dictionary
17. Strings
18. Functions
19. Comment Your Code
20. Exceptions
21. Modules
22. Class