This tutorial will guide you on how to hash a string by using OpenSSL’s MD4 hash function. This tutorial will create two C++ example files which will compile and run in Ubuntu environment.

  1. Here are the openssl MD4 sample source code.

    Example #1: md4_sample1.cpp

    Example #2: md4_sample2.cpp

  2. Let’s try to compile both sample cpp files and you should observe the following output screenshot.
    ~$ gcc md4_sample1.cpp -o sample1 -lcrypto
    ~$ ./sample1
    md4 digest: aa010fbc1d14c795d86ef98c9547d17
    ~$ gcc md4_sample2.cpp -o sample2 -lcrypto
    ~$ ./sample2
    md4 digest: aa010fbc1d14c795d86ef98c9547d17
    Note: -lcrypto will include the crypto library from openssl